Replacement LCD screens and repair service for the Laptimer, stoppuhr, stopwatch W201 16v

Through this website I am keen to help out others Mercedes owners who are having problems with their broken lap timer. For over 4 years I drove my car with its broken lap timer, so last year I decided to take the next big step and develop a replacement unit myself. After 6 months research I finally came up with a solution and was able to test my first screens. Upon install into my car I was so pleased with the result that I decided to make them available for other 16v Mercedes owners who are suffering the same problem.So here on my website you can find all manner of information about this Lap timer (also called stoppuhr or Stopwatch depending on your language). I explain what this parts does, how you are able to get a working unit, I outline which options you have available and what you can buy from me. I upload pictures of every lap timer I repair here on my website as well as on Facebook so that people can see the progress of their lap timer being fixed AND REBUILD. If you still have any questions then feel free to contact me through this website or by email.Greetings Marcel Deijkers, The Netherlands